Monday, April 11, 2016

We have put together a package for you, including the essential custom equipment along with the most popular training courses designed to help you save money and time.. and get you started making candy sooner!..
this is a limited offer so act now!

The ‘CANDYSMITH’ artisan candy makers package.
This package is designed to help you save time and money, and get you started in the best way possible, with custom equipment and online training. You will also have our support via skype, phone, and email as you set up your studio, and then move through the live classes and develop your skills!
The package includes
  • Candy warming table – stainless steel and aluminium bain-marie style construction
    1050mm x 600mm
    (the same tables we use here for our training!) safe for indoor use, (no gas)
    Benchtop unit – easy to transport for mobile demonstrations..
    Runs on 220/240v power – a 110v – 220v 1.5 kw converter can be used in 110v area.
    Thermostat controlled immersion elements heat the table with far greater efficiency and more thermal mass that keeps the candy warmer for longer than a table heated by resistance elements alone.
  • The ‘revolution’ pillow machine
    For making pillow shaped candy, such as the classic humbugs or bullseyes, and also filled candy such as chocolate filled or sherbet filled candy.
    Includes 2 shaping wheels for different sized pillows  (14mm & 19mm)
    This machine is hand powered for safety and control.
    Never waste any candy offcuts – turn them into pillows! = more profit.
    Stainless steel, aluminium and high grade acetal – hand made to last.
  • Teflon working mat – Black teflon high temp non-stick food grade mat for the warming table.
  • Candy Hook – Hand forged stainless steel candy hook with slide mount plate.
    Solid stainless steel hook with stainless steel backing plate for easy cleaning. Essential for creating the perfect texture in your candy.
    316 stainless steel – hand made – a beautiful addition to your candy making studio.
  • The Hard Candy book – 300 pages of essential hard candy designs and recipes..
    the ultimate guide to making words and pictures in hard candy.
  • Shaping tools – hand forged from 316 stainless steel – always by your side.. for making perfect edges and star shapes in candy..
  • Candy shears – spring loaded handles – stainless steel – ultra sharp and strong to cut through thick candy without distorting your work.
  • Candy thermometer -Stainless steel with sugar temperature stage increments to help you with perfect boiling of your sugar.
  • Candy working gloves & cotton glove liners.. Non-Stick nitrile rubber – hygenic, acid resistant and used with cotton liners for extra heat resistance. (Box 100)
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    The ‘CANDYSMITH’ artisan candy makers package also includes our most popular online training courses to guide you through the steps to making beautiful hard candy for parties, friends, celebrations, weddings, retail sales and more!
    The training includes
    • Introduction to hard candy making
      The Kaptonhook 2 HOUR ONLINE INTRODUCTION TO HARD CANDY MAKING FOR BEGINNERS course covers everything from equipment design and equipment selection to ingredients selection to sugar boiling and a practical 1 on 1 demonstration – the best start for you to learn the basic techniques.
    • Animal designs course
      During this online course, we will be making traditional ‘rock’ – hard candy with animal designs, including butterflys, cats, dogs, pandas, rabbits, bears and bugs..! The course is delivered live online. The classes are 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.
    • Fruit candy designs course
      During this online course, we will be making traditional fruit ‘rock’ … hard candy with beautiful fruit designs, such as apple, strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, pineapple, kiwifruit and cherry.. hand-made traditional artisan hard candy! The classes are 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.
    • Wedding candy course
      During this online course, we will be making traditional ‘rock’ – hard candy with names inside the candy, perfect for wedding gifts known as bomboniere.  We will teach you step-by-step how to make letters and words inside the candy, along with a love heart or other romantic design. You will be making beautiful candy especially for weddings.
      Beautiful hand-made candy for wedding celebrations can provide excellent profits for your studio/shop.. learn how easy it is to create these designs with our online training course. The course is delivered live online. The classes are 2 hours per week for 6 weeks.
    The training courses are delivered via skype or facetime, live online.

    Classes are live, 1 – on – 1 sessions for you to watch and ask questions that are relevant to you and your business objectives, as our expert candymaker trainers will provide clear step-by-step instructions for you. The Hard Candy book will be used for reference and for your revision of our classes. We have taught many new artisan candy makers via this easy no-pressure method that are now professional candy makers with successful businesses worldwide.
    We work 7 days 7am till 11pm so we will always find a convenient time to schedule our classes.
    We are proud to offer you this limited time package deal.
 please visit our website to order now..

The ‘Revolution’ pillow forming machine is used to make ‘pillow’ shaped candy such as traditional bullseyes and humbugs, or any combination of colourful stripes and flavours you can imagine!
The machine is clamped easily on your table and is hand powered for safety and control.
It is easily portable and is perfect for a busy shop or mobile demonstrations.
The Revolution can be used in either direction.
The machine is also perfect for filled candy such as nougat filled, chocolate filled and sherbet filled candy!..
It is robust and custom hand built to last.
The revolution pillow machine is such a valuable tool for the candy kitchen as it will help turn offcuts into profits..!